Kidney Regeneration - Nourishing the Essence

Kidney regeneration (Nourishing the Essence)

Many of the Daoist practices focus on the preservation, cultivation and circulation of Life Force Energy. Jing is one of the three treasures that is directly associated with the inherited potential and longevity of our life. It represents our DNA, our sexual energy, reproductive and creative potential. This treasure is stored in the lower dantian, in the Kidneys. Our kidneys can weaken with age, chronic stress, overstimulation and excessive emotion.

In all spiritual traditions, any practitioner who seeks longevity and  high-level energy cultivation knows the kidney's great importance. Kidney energy is correlated to the Water Element. It is the key to Life Force Essence and the basis for health, preservation, and rejuvenation. 

In this workshop we will 

  • explore the specific traditional methods to keep the kidneys at full strength and cultivate the Jing.  
  • look at some key daily and seasonal practices, special Daoist tonic herbs to enhance self-regeneration. 
  • make an elixir to revitalize our power supplies.

The 3 dantians - 3 treasures of human life and the role of "forgotten foods" on their cultivation

Longevity is often associated with sustained vitality, radiance and youthfulness as we age. In order to consciously cultivate these qualities and experience them in the "forever now", we need to understand the origins of the Life Force Energy, how to protect and nurture it through all stages of life. There are many systems that help us to develop the awareness of energies, how to build and intentionally direct energy in the body. According to the ancient Daoist sages, there are 3 major cauldrons where energies are generated and stored in the body. They realized that cultivating your three main dantian reservoirs may help you generate vibrant health, clarity of perception, and age more gracefully. 

Multiple practices have been developed over thousands of years by Daoist Jedi adepts, including special movement forms, breathflows, meditation and physical nourishment to alchemize the energies of the 3 dantians. In this workshop we will focus on the special class of herbs and nutritional substances that have been highly revered in Daoist alchemy arts. 

To help you develop a strong foundation in vitality cultivation, we will explore: 

  • Essential Daoist energy anatomy and how cultivating the treasures can elevate our consciousness, help us access deep inner guidance and our Jedi superpowers. 
  • How we can connect to, activate and build the elixir fields of our three energy centers
  • What are the "forgotten foods" and why they are key to your highest health potential
  • intentional herbal rituals and how to integrate tonic herbs into your life.