Sacred Plant Medicines

The ancient path of master-plant diets - developing relationships with sacred plant medicines

When we think of a modern concept of a diet, first thing that comes to mind is deprivation, or strict following of a specific nutritional regimen for a period of time. In the longevity traditions we are looking at "a diet" as a conscious way of nourishment that best supports our life energies on all levels through all seasons of life. But did you know that in many earth-centered spiritual cultures around the world there are special herbal diets that are practiced as a right of passage, a deep inner journey of self-discovery, renewal and connection with special plants, called Master Plants. 

In this session we will explore:

  • traditions and practices around fasting with herbs in different spiritual cultures as a way to heal, expand the consciousness and increase the capacity to sense and work with the energies of nature
  • what are Master Plant Dietas, who is it for and 2 ways to work with them
  • plant spirit communication - how to open the channels to receive the wisdom and guidance from the plants
  • choosing what partner plants to diet with
  • the terms of Master Plant Dietas 
  • what to do if you are feeling the call to connect deeper to a specific plant spirit. 
  • where you can get guided plant dieta experiences
  • soft-fasting with plants at home

The 3 dantians - 3 treasures of human life and the role of "forgotten foods" on their cultivation

Longevity is often associated with sustained vitality, radiance and youthfulness as we age. In order to consciously cultivate these qualities and experience them in the "forever now", we need to understand the origins of the Life Force Energy, how to protect and nurture it through all stages of life. There are many systems that help us to develop the awareness of energies, how to build and intentionally direct energy in the body. According to the ancient Daoist sages, there are 3 major cauldrons where energies are generated and stored in the body. They realized that cultivating your three main dantian reservoirs may help you generate vibrant health, clarity of perception, and age more gracefully. 

Multiple practices have been developed over thousands of years by Daoist Jedi adepts, including special movement forms, breathflows, meditation and physical nourishment to alchemize the energies of the 3 dantians. In this workshop we will focus on the special class of herbs and nutritional substances that have been highly revered in Daoist alchemy arts. 

To help you develop a strong foundation in vitality cultivation, we will explore: 

  • Essential Daoist energy anatomy and how cultivating the treasures can elevate our consciousness, help us access deep inner guidance and our Jedi superpowers. 
  • How we can connect to, activate and build the elixir fields of our three energy centers
  • What are the "forgotten foods" and why they are key to your highest health potential
  • intentional herbal rituals and how to integrate tonic herbs into your life.