Everyday Ayurveda

Both traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda in India originated some 7,000 years ago and understand that we humans possess elements and cosmic forces that are similar to our planet. As energetic beings, our digestion (our Earth) needs to be supported with Agni (digestive fire) and nourished with wholesome foods that are appropriate to our physical and emotional needs. In Ayurveda, health and beauty are maintained by our Dinacharya which are daily health practices that include breath work, meditation, self massage, enhancing the senses, herbal treatments and individual diet that are followed with a dedication to improve wellness and perfect our Spirit. With a careful health routine we are able to blend harmoniously with our environment and practice Compassion for others. 
Our life force gives us shape, physical beauty, energy, vitality, immunity, and affects the character of our attachments: Our desire for certain foods, relationships and our emotional balance. This can be summarized and understood as the Doshas: Vata, Pitta, Kapha, which represent the shape and character of our life force. 
Our complex life force, influenced by our DNA, daily habits, health history, and Karmic actions, can be refined and augmented with lifestyle. 
The Doshas, influenced by our age, sex, the season and weather and our lifestyle, may be:
  •  Light and quick like the wind, full of imagination, desire and drive (Vata)
  •  Keen, penetrating, enthusiastic, intelligent and aggressive like fire (Pitta)
  •  Gentle, mild, compassionate, fleshy, sweet or melancholic (Kapha)
Our overall wellness is gained from the balance of these energies. We need all three: 
  •  Desire for health and imagination to reach beyond our limits (Vata) 
  •  Drive and organization of ideas to create a wellness plan (Pitta) 
  •  Patience, love and caring of self and others necessary to reach our goals (Kapha.)  
In these teaching session we will practice Dinacharya: A brief meditation, Garshana health massage, breathing practices to calm and focus the Spirit and discuss select foods, herbs and daily rituals that support balance of the Doshas and promote longevity.