Introduction to Theraphi Technology and Theraphi Structured Water

Natural Pain Relief, Anti-aging, Rejuvenation

Unique opportunity to meet the inventor of the Theraphi Device, Paul Harris from Canada,  to discuss the science and history of the use of Electro-Magnetic Energy in healing.  Come and learn about the amazing Theraphi Wellness device, it is truly a unique technology, the first to bring longitudinal time polarized plasma to the global market place.

The Theraphi device is a unique technology that uses electromagnetic energy to promote natural pain relief, anti-aging, and rejuvenation. The device generates precise frequencies to produce "Bio-Active Fields" that affect the body's cellular regenerative system. It uses longitudinal EM waves and time-polarized EM waves to penetrate every cell and atomic nucleus in the body. The Theraphi generates a double conjugate bio-active field by using two plasma tubes with opposite spin density directions, allowing for the adding, multiply, steering, and collapse (centripetal) of electromagnetic healing waveforms.

The scalar potential of the device enables the engineering of waves to "pump" the cells of the body with waves from the time domain that can time-reverse the cells back to a previous healthy condition. This promotes cellular regeneration and helps heal damaged cells, organs, and tissues. The Theraphi device is inspired by over 100 years of pioneering efforts by inventors such as Nikola Tesla, Georges Lakhovsky, Royal Raymond Rife, and especially Antoine Prioré.

The Theraphi device has been well documented to help with various health issues, including viruses, parasites, immune deficiencies, increases in metabolism, heart rate variability, and reduction of inflammation. The device is currently available in over 25 countries, and there will be a chance for attendees of the wellness retreat to try out the device for free, facilitated and guided by Callie Roang.

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One of the great secrets to health and longevity is structured water. Structured water is present around all cells and molecules
in the body and is known to directly affect their functions. With the emerging science of water classed as the ‘fourth phase’ - the whole human body is now seen as a gel like liquid crystal like substance. Deep healing involves the restoration of the integrity of this intracellular gel.

Water is truly one of the great mysteries of life and there are many questions regarding this common substance that modern science has yet to understand.

  • Exactly what functions does water facilitate in our bodies?

  • What is the best water to drink?

  • How can it be used for powerful healing?

  • What is the best way to ‘energize it?

  • What happens when you add extra hydrogen and oxygen to water?

  • What happens when you magnetize water?

  • Does water have a memory and how does it retain information?

How do you use water to help with ailments and diseases?

Paul has for many years taught workshops around the world on structured water and the do’s and don’ts of this amazing fountain of youth substance. NOT TO BE MISSED