Get Nourished

Cooking classes with Victoria Phillips 


  • Get creative in your kitchen...
  • Ideas for quick and easy dressings
  • Ideas for quick and easy meals
  • Let's talk cooking oils, herbs and spices
  • Let's discover sea vegetables!
  • Discussion on food ecology and community
  • Summer salads and vegetables, dressings, sauces and more

Victoria has developed her own unique style and signature with her food and dressings. She enjoys playing with flavours, and rarely repeats the same recipe in her classes. Her teaching philosophy encourages people to break out of their particular mindset of dos and don'ts, and to view food as a creative and artful experience. By approaching cooking in this way, participants are able to explore new flavours and expand their culinary horizons. Victoria's approach to cooking is both fun and educational, and her classes offer a unique and inspiring experience for anyone interested in learning more about wholefood cooking.

She provides tips and tricks to help people get creative in their kitchen, including ideas for quick and easy meals that can be prepared in a short amount of time, making healthy eating accessible to busy individuals. She encourages experimentation with different combinations of flavours to help participants discover their own personal style of cooking.

In her classes, Victoria also introduces the use of sea vegetables and their role in promoting overall health and well-being. She explains the different types of sea vegetables, how they can be used in cooking, and the nutritional benefits of incorporating them into one's diet. Through her unique teaching philosophy, Victoria inspires her students to view cooking as a fun and rewarding experience that can benefit both their physical and emotional well-being.