The Venue

In the foothills of the Yorkshire Dales – a landscape full of ribboned glens, windswept hills and thundering waterfalls – is a 3000-acre country residence, formerly known as Broughton Estate and now known as Broughton Sanctuary. 

The House

The 16th century Broughton Hall has been the home of the Tempest Baronets for over 900 years. The historic house and estate are now in the care of Roger, the 32nd Tempest in a long recorded line dating back to the 11th century. The great stone house that glows in the late afternoon light is impressive and classical in appearance, the interior having been recently refurbished and exquisitely decorated.

There are 17 bedrooms split over two floors, each striking the perfect balance between decadent and intimate. From deep clawfoot baths and huge marble showers, to Elizabethan four-posted beds and historic stencilled wall decorations, each bedroom has a crowning feature designed to delight.

Outside of the bedrooms, there are multiple rooms to relax in. With a roaring fire in the hearth, the library houses a collection of over 5,000 books, which guests are encouraged to borrow from the shelves during their stay. The Hall also offers a billiard room, an opulent dining room and a glass conservatory that blooms lush and bright and green. 

The Grounds

Heading out into the grounds of Broughton delivers more treasures. A wellness centre, Avalon, offers nurturing, nourishment and support for the mind, body and spirit. The centre includes studio space, relaxation chambers, therapy rooms, a gym, and a pool with undisturbed views of nature. There is also a fire temple, where bonfires burn, and fairy lights twinkle like fireflies in the forest’s darkness. Further exploration reveals tennis courts, a croquet lawn and an orangery.

The grounds surrounding the Hall are beautiful and private. With a focus on rewilding, the Sanctuary is home to a Nature Recovery Project and, therefore, a lovely mix of moorland, woodland and rolling meadow pastures. Access Broughton’s meticulously kept gardens through wrought-iron gates, as grand old trees dapple a mosaic of sunshine and shadow onto the wildflowers and rhododendrons below. For keen wild swimmers, there is a wooden jetty that juts out over a mirrored lake and a wood-clad sauna to warm up in. Fields are grazed lazily by woolly sheep, as the dales beyond climb high into the gentle press of a quiet English sky.