Introduction to the Longevity Diet

We will study all food groups, explore the ‘energetics’ and avoid completely any dogma around food. We do not advocate any forms of extremes. We do not waste time with fad diets. We will not confuse you with conflicting dietary information. We do not get you to count calories. It is a flexible and adaptable approach and often breaks through many myths and modern day mis-comprehensions. The learning process is about your experimentation. You will ultimately be the master of what food and energies will work for you. Our cooking classes will get it into your bones, not just your head!

Roger will present what exactly is the Longevity Diet, what foods and longevity herbs are involved,  how thousands of students have used it to heal themselves, and how we combine East and West into what we call the highest art of self-mastery- that of recreating and healing ourselves. At is very foundation it provides you with an incredible skill: The power to heal oneself.

As more people fail to find relief with modern medicine, even more are realizing the importance of self-responsibility for their own health and waking up to the fact that our food, lifestyles, attitudes and environment have a direct impact on how we feel and think. Life is a transformative process‚ a process of cultivation, experience and refinement. When we learn new ideas with practical applications, they gradually replace the negative patterns that previously lead to illness and separation from the flow of life.

It is the only curriculum in the world that integrates Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Taoist Tonic Herbal Medicine, Superfoods, Ancestral eating and Blue Zone principles along with cutting edge western science for longevity and disease prevention - with an emphasis of developing the practical skills and the art of cooking.

Food is a powerful vehicle for transformation. There is much to explore in tastes, ingredients, cooking styles and energetic effects! Diet preferences vary from person to person, season to season. The Academy of Healing Nutrition program presents something a little different to that of the "modern world." Instead of complexity, we offer simplicity; instead of the artificial, we stress the natural; instead of just the analytical, we offer the universal.