Barefoot Doctor


GINGER COMPRESS (tender loving care for your Kidneys)


Join Barefoot Doctor Roger Green as he guides you through a series of natural healing practices. The exercises presented are simple, effective, and safe, with no side effects. Plus, as you learn how to take care of yourself and others, you'll build a stronger bond at home and trust in your own abilities.

One such technique is Do-In (known as Dao-Yin in Chinese), an art that combines Qi Gong with the precision and rigor of Zen. It's more than just acupressure or manipulation of the meridians - it involves manipulation, breathing, and concentration. Do-In is an excellent way to improve your general health, allowing you to act on your body physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Shiatsu massage, another technique presented, acts on the subtle electromagnetic energy of the body known as 'ki' in Japanese and 'chi' in Chinese. It involves using various techniques, such as stretching and pressure to open the meridians, to release energy blockages and achieve a healthier, more balanced condition.

Acupressure is performed using the fingers to gradually press onto key points around the body, while moxa is a burning stick used over acupressure points to relieve pain and congestion. Learning the five most important chi points will help you address a wide range of health problems.

Experience the famous ginger compress, which provides tender loving care for your kidneys and can help with dampness, muscle tension, chronic pain and back problems, menstrual cramps, stiff neck, stiffness in joints, rheumatism, and arthritis.

All of these techniques are part of the Taoist medicinal system called the 8 limbs of TCM. They are designed to help generate and clear your energy, allowing you to feel better both physically and mentally.