Yoga and Ayurvedic Practices

We start the day with limbering yoga stretches led by expert certified yoga instructor, Sophie Gibbin followed by Garshana, Ayurvedic dry lymphatic self massage led by Letha Hadady. The gentle massage, usually done in the morning using hands, linen gloves, or dry skin brush, may be followed by oil to help tone muscles and detoxify body and mind. It increases muscle tone, improves skin texture, natural detoxification, and lymphatic circulation and boosts energy and immunity. Garshana, a rejuvenating self-care ritual, awakens digestionand refreshes the mind.

Letha will demonstrate the connections between yoga, qigong and lymphatic massage while we stimulate the flow of vital energy in meridians.

After a brief deep breathing meditation, Letha will explain basic principles of Ayurveda and how to vary diet, herbs and dry massage according to the doshas, including recipes for foods and herbs that tone digestion, enhance life force, beauty and longevity.