The 4 pillars of Destiny Astrology

Let Roger take you on a fascinating 4 Pillar journey in time and space, to the very core of the formation of your constitution. Work out your constitutional strengths and weakness based on the 5 element theory. Part 1 and 2 held over two days and work book provided.

Year, month, day and hour is the oldest form of astrology/cosmology in the world, and with it the ancient Taoist were also able to work out where and how the meridians flowed in the body, and what forces of Heaven and Earth were operating on the human level.

Discover your 'lucky element' and how to use it in health maintenance. Roger Green is a pioneer of Four Pillars in Western culture, having introduced these methods for the first time to thousands of students in Europe, UK, USA and Australia. He created the first effective protocols for 100% correct chart calculations, and developing the appropriate adaptation for the calculation of Southern Hemisphere charts. This work has never been accomplished before in history. Interpretation, once mastered, can be applied to auspicious timing, relationship compatibility, lucky colours, personalized feng shui design recommendations and many other aspects. It is an amazing and deep study of cosmological influences, and a rare form of astrology not widely known in the west.