Bio Hacking and the 120 Plus Club

The presentation is about bio-hacking and the 120 Plus Club, which involves taking an integrated approach to nutrition (The Longevity Diet), supplements, lifestyle strategies, and cutting-edge technologies to optimize health and extend lifespan. Bio-hackers do their own research to understand their health issues and find solutions that work. The 120 Plus Longevity Protocol, created by Roger Green, includes the Longevity Diet, longevity herbs, telomere enhancement, Klotho hormone activation, Theraphi wellness, and other technologies and lifestyle strategies. The presentation explores the latest research on longevity and provides practical advice on how to achieve total longevity using supplements, herbs, superfoods, and technologies. The focus is not just on living longer, but living better, smarter, happier, and healthier.


  • The optimum diet (including the famous JING foods)
  • What are the best supplements for 120 plus ?
  • What are the best longevity herbs?
  • What are the best technologies and lifestyle strategies?